Students and Job Seekers

  • Are you at a loss trying to find an entry point into the hardware industry?
  • Are you having trouble networking with hiring managers and companies?
  • Are you frustrated that all the jobs you want require work experience?

I know it can be tough finding your way into the industry especially when you have only just started. You can look at hundreds of job openings but it never seems that you have the skills that the jobs require. And when you do send off your resume it will end up it will end up in a stack with hundreds of others and some one will look at it for four seconds. Sometimes it may not even be clear where to look for the jobs you want. Job boards are filled with openings but searching through them is tedious. Networking is possible if only you had a network. It can be especially frustrating when you are looking for a job and all the while your skills are starting to atrophy because you have no chance to use them.

The Engineer Accelerator can break this cycle and be your entry point into the industry. You will get to see how the industry works from the inside and you will be able to start growing your professional network. Through seminars and a hands on project you will see how to produce professional level work at the pace required by industry. You will come out of the program a better job candidate and with a portfolio that shows level of work you can produce much better than a resume can. This program can give you work experience without having a job.

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