About Me

MK HeadshotThe Engineer Accelerator is a combination of my work as an independent consultant and as a teacher.

I have been an independent consultant for the last 5 years. I help small companies and individual people with defining the product they are trying to make and implementation of the electronics component of that product. In all, I have over ten years of project experience ever since I designed and built a low cost rechargeable lantern from The Millennium Villages project in 2004.

My education includes a combined BA in Science, Engineering, and Society from Pitzer College, a BS in Electrical Engineer from Columbia University and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia. I chose this type of degree because politics, economics, and culture, effect what is built just as much as what is technically possible and I wanted to understand how.

Teaching extends through out my whole life since both my parents were professors at Evergreen State College. I tutored in physics and math at Pitzer and then worked as the TA for Senior Design at Columbia. In 2009 I became a co-organizer for Make:SF, and have been teaching people how to get started with Making since then. I have also created classes for Workshop Weekend including Applied Electronics: The 5X5 Badge Explained, System Thinking, the Many Ways to Blink labs, and the state machine based Over Temperature Alarm.

These two paths are what make the Engineer Accelerator a natural progression for me. I have the work experience to know what skills are required to make projects successful and I have the teaching experience to know how to present these complex and sometimes subtle skills in a learnable way.

Malcolm Knapp

Berkeley, CA

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