Junior and Entry Level Engineers

  • Are you overwhelmed with all the tasks you have to complete?
  • Do you have thousands of questions but do not want to annoy your coworkers?
  • Are you struggling to complete deliverables done on time?

When you are working in a new job it can feel like you are on the clock. You need to get up to speed as quick as you can prove that you deserve to be there. But it is hard because everything you are doing is new and though you want to produce good work how to actually do that is unclear. Also even though you try to prevent mistakes it is hard to know how, especially when things you did months ago are the things causing problems now.

The Engineer Accelerator program is the place where you can get all your questions answered without any of fear distracting people from their work. The curriculum takes all those unstated skills and organizes them into easy to use techniques and templates so you can get up to speed quickly. You will come out of the program knowing  how to produce professional level work and deliver on time while minimizing errors.

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