Hiring Managers

  • Do you have work that is perfect for a junior engineer but all the candidates you look at lack the basic skills you need?
  • Are you worried that training them will undermine the productivity of your current team?
  • Are you worried that the investment you make will be lost if they can not stay with the company.

It is hard to hit that sweet spot where you have someone who is appropriate for doing your junior level work but is not a drain on your time. If you hire someone without the skills you will spend too much time correcting their work. But if you hire a more experienced engineer to do that work, it will be done correctly but you will overpay for it. Furthermore, that more senior engineer will be underutilized.

The Engineer Accelerator can get you out of this bind. It relieves your company of the burden of training  your new hires and gives them the skills they need to be productive quickly. This means that you can hire someone who does fit your budget and you do not have to worry about the burden they will place on your team.

There are two main ways to work with The Engineer Accelerator.

  • The first is for you to send your new hires to the standard program. You do you not to generate any content or projects and your engineers will get a general applicable across the industry.

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  • The other option is on-site training where I will run a custom program at your location. On-site training does require some up front work from you to identify what to incorporate into the training but it will be it will be adapted to your specific company context and incorporate your processes into it.

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